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The following documents should be sent to the Editorial Board: one thoroughly read and signed by the author (co-authors) copy of the article, information about the author(s), abstract in the Russian and English languages, key words in the Russian and English languages, and electronic copy of all documents on a disc.


The article is accepted for review only if it is compliant with the requirements to the original articles of Oncology Bulletin of the Volga region, which are placed in the Journal’s website www.oncovestnik.ru and in every issue of the Journal. The manuscripts not compliant to the requirements are not accepted.


The article is registered by the Executive Secretary in the electronic database, with indication of the date of submission, the title, names of author(s), places of work of the author(s). The individual registration number is attributed to the article.


Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editor-in-Chief on Reviewing directs the article for reviewing to the member of Editorial Board – a recognized specialist in the field close to the topic of the article. In the absence of such member of Editorial Board, or in case the article is submitted by a member of Editorial Board, the Editor-in-Chief directs the article to external reviewers (see Paragraph12).


Reviewing is done confidentially by filling an expert questionnaire, approved by the Editorial Board. The reviewer can recommend the article for publication; recommend for publication after amending/correcting; not recommend the article for publication. If the article is recommended for publication after amending/correcting or not recommended for publication, the review should contain the detailed and grounded reasons for such decision.


If the reviewer makes a significant number of critical comments, but the article is recommended for publication, the material can be considered polemic and publish it as a scientific discussion.


The reviewers are informed that the submitted manuscripts are a private property of the authors and should not be disclosed. The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles for their own needs.


After the Editorial Board has received the reviews, it considers the issue of publishing or rejecting the articles. Basing on the decision of the Editorial Board, a letter is sent (by e-mail or post) to the authors on behalf of the Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board. The letter contains the general characteristics of the article. If the article can be published after amending/correcting, the recommendations are given as to what amendments/corrections should be made. If the article is not recommended for publication, the reasons for such decision are stated.


The author of the reviewed work is given the copy of a review without the signature and name, position and place of work of the reviewer. The originals of reviews are stored in the office of the Editorial Board during 5 (five) years and are given to Expert Councils of Higher Attestation Committee by request.


The article, sent to the Editorial Board by the author after amending/correcting, is reviewed in a standard way (paragraphs 4-6, 9). It is registered as the date of submission of a new edition of the article. The article which requires correcting after reviewing, is withdrawn if it is not returned by the authors for more than 6 months.


External reviewers are attracted if: there is no member of Editorial Board – a recognized specialist in the field close to the topic of the article; if the member of Editorial Board refuses to review the article; if the Editorial Board does not agree with the reviewer’s opinion; if the article is submitted by a member of Editorial Board. The regular meeting of the Editorial Board makes a decision to apply for a review to a researcher (Doctor of Medicine, Professor) having published scientific works on the topic of the article. On behalf of the Editorial Board, a letter requesting for a review is sent to the researcher. The article, brief information about the author, and the recommended form of the review are enclosed to the letter.


The Editorial Board retains the right to make editorial amendments in the text of the article, if they do not distort its sense (literary and technical amendments). The final text is agreed upon with the author during proofreading.


The royalty is not paid.


Manuscripts and discs are not returned to the authors.


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