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For the authors

Article submission guidelines for authors of the journal «Oncology bulletin of the Volga Region»

(Composed taking into account the «Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals» developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors)


General rules

  1. The journal «Oncology bulletin of the Volga Region» is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific publications issued in the Russian Federation that shall contain scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences (decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the RF).
  2. The journal is published in Russian with the frequency of 4 issues per year.
  3. The journal publishes reviews, lectures, original articles, short messages, notes from the practice of oncology.
  4. The journal has a website in the Internet: www.oncovestnik.ru, which shows the content of all editions of the journal, the full text of articles.
  5. Publication of articles for authors is free.
  6. Manuscripts and electronic media are not returned to the authors.


Rules for publication of an article:

  1. The works submitted for publication must be relevant, have the novelty of the material and the value of the theoretical and practical aspects.
  2. Scientific results in the articles need to be processed by correct statistical methods.
  3. The article must comply with the rules of execution.
  4. The article must be accompanied by an official direction of the institution where this work was performed, with a director's signature, certified by the round seal of the institution. Text of the cover letter: This letter will ensure that the scientific article, «TITLE OF THE ARTICLE», name of the authors does not violate any copyrights and complies with international ethical standards of research. The author(s) confirms that the forwarded article has not been previously published anywhere, has not been sent and will not be sent for publication in other scientific publications. We also certify that the author(s) agree with the rules of manuscripts preparation for publication approved by the editorial staff «Oncology bulletin of the Volga Region».


General rules for text design

  1. The manuscript shall be presented on white paper on one side of a sheet of A4, the font is Times New Roman, interval 1.5, 14 points, with margins at the top, bottom and right side of 20 mm, left - 30 mm, width alignment, without paragraph indention, without hyphenation, beginning of the first paragraph – line skip.
  2. The article is received in 2 copies with an electronic copy of the material in the text editor in .doc or .rtf format (by e-mail and shall be duplicated in hard copy).
  3. Summary, tables, diagrams, figures, captions under figures, references, list of abbreviations printed on separate sheets.
  4. The place where the text should contain a picture or a table is determined by blank lines between which is specified the figure or table number. Link to this or that figure (table) should be in the text before the place of the figure (table).
  5. Figures, diagrams, photographs (black-and-white and color) should be presented in graphical formats TIFF, JPG with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The text should have a reference to the appropriate figure.
  6. Tables ― from top right it is necessary to designate the number of the table, its name is given below. All figures in tables must comply with the figures in the text and must be processed statistically.
  7. At the end of the article is provided information about all the authors: last name, first name, academic degree, academic status, place of employment, job title, phone, e-mail. All authors place their signatures in front of their names.
  8. All pages must be numbered.
  9. At the first mention of the terms repeatedly used in the article (not in the title or in the abstract), you must give their full name and abbreviation in brackets, in the future to apply the abbreviation only.


Volume and structure of the article

  1. Volume of the original article should not exceed 10 pages (up to 30 references), notes from practice ― 3-4 pages, for reviews and lectures ― up to 12 pages (up to 60 references).
  2. Structure of the article.
  3. Title page: copyright ©, UDC index (www.udc.biblio.uspu.ru., www.kod-udk.narod.ru., www.gyrnal.ru/udk/ru/), article heading ― capital letters , initials and surname of the authors, official names of institutions where the work was done, surname, name, patronymic of the author with which the editorial staff may hold correspondence, its exact postal and e-mail address, contact phone number. This block should be presented in Russian and English languages.



© O.V. Morov, E.G. Bolshakova, 2014

UDC 616-006.66, 616-08-039.34



О.В. Моров, Е.Г. Большакова

ГАУ3 «Республиканский клинический онкологический диспансер М3 РТ», г. Казань

Приволжский филиал РОНЦ им. Н.Н. Блохина РАМН, г. Казань


Ответственный автор

Моров Олег Витальевич ― руководитель клиники радиотерапии Республиканского клинического онкологического диспансера М3 РТ

420029, г. Казань, Сибирский тракт, д. 29, тел.: (843) 519-26-31, +7-987-269-33-96, e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


Реферат. Локальные рецидивы встречается от 5 до 15 случаев у пациентов с начальной стадией рака молочной железы после проведения органосохраняющих операций с послеоперационной лучевой терапией. Стандартным лечебным мероприятием в этом случае является выполнение мастэктомии. Однако существует определенный опыт проведения повторного органосохраняющего хирургического лечения с повторным облучением. Случаи рецидива рака молочной железы в грудной стенке после мастэктомий представляют достаточно сложную проблему. Хирургическое лечение не дает стойких результатов и проведение его не всегда возможно из-за нерезектабельности опухоли. Опыт повторного облучения рецидивов грудной стенки показывает возможность достижения хороших онкологических результатов с приемлемой поздней токсичностью.

Ключевые слова: рак молочной железы, локальный рецидив, повторное облучение.



O.V. Morov, E.G. Bolshakova

Tatarstan Саnсеr Center, Kazan

Volga Region branch of RCRC named after N.N. Blokhin of the RAMS, Kazan


Main author

Morov O.V. ― Head of the Radiotherapy Clinic of Тatarstan Саnсеr Center

29 SibirskiyTrakt, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420029, tel.: (843) 519-26-31, +7-987-269-33-96, e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


Abstract. Local relapses develop from 5 to 15 cases at patients with early breast саnсеr after breast conservative surgery with adjuvant radiotherapy. Standard medical action in this case is mastectomy. However, there is а certain experience of appointment repeated breast conservative surgery with а repeated irradiation. Cases of relapse of breast саnсеr in а chest wall after mastectomy is big complexity. Surgical treatment does not give good results and its making is not always possible because of nonresectabIe tumor. Experience of а repeated irradiation of recurrence of а chest wall gives achievements of good oncological results with acceptable late toxicity.

Кеу words: breast саnсеr, locally recurrence, re-irradiation.


For the original article. Summary and key words.

Volume of the summary should be up to 300 words, key words or phrases from 6 to 10 in Russian and English languages. The structure of the resume should include sections: «Introduction» with the description of the relevance and purpose of the study, «Methods», «Results» and «Conclusion».


Text of the original article

Introduction ― the core, the current state, purpose and objectives of the study.

Materials and methods ― the described material in the basis of the work, methods of setting of an experiment, methods of statistical processing of the material.

Results and Discussion – are described the received scientific results and their discussion is held.

Conclusion ― the results are summarized and the conclusions are made.

References in the original language: Russian-language sources in Cyrillic, English-language sources in Latin; is compiled in alphabetical order: first are presented domestic, and then foreign authors. References in the text are given with numbers in square brackets. Links to unpublished works are not allowed.

Surveys and lectures are divided into sections at the discretion of the author, brief messages are not divided into sections.


Samples of execution a list of literature

Monography: Author (s) (surnames, initials. All authors are listed separated by commas). Name. City: Publisher. Year. Total number of pages (234 p.).

Chapter from the book: Author (s) (surnames, initials. All authors are listed separated by commas). Chapter title // Book title / edited by A.B. Ivanova. City: Publisher. Year. p. 1-5.

Collection article: Author (s) (surnames, initials. All authors are listed separated by commas). Article title // Collection title / edited by A.B. Ivanova. City: Publisher. Year. p. 1-5.

Conference abstracts: Author (s) (surnames, initials. All authors are listed separated by commas). Abstracts title // Collection title: materials of the anniversary conference devoted to the 35th anniversary of the Research Institute, May 20, 2012 / edited by A.B. Ivanova. City: Publisher. Year. P. 1-5.

Journal article: Author (s). Name of the article // Journal (the abbreviated name is possible). Year. Vol. 1, № 1. P. 15-20.

Abstract: Author. Title: Abstract. Dis. ... Cand. (Dr.). of Biol. Sciences. City. Year. 24 p.

Dissertation: Author. Name: dis. ... Cand. (Dr.). of Biol. Sciences. City. Year. 100 p.

Patent: Pat. 4050234 RF. Title / Author (s). Publ. 10.09.2012. Bulletin of inventions. No. 4.

Electronic resource: for example, the UNESCO official website (URL: http: //www.unesco.org 27.10.2009) (the date of the last visit)



References for international citation bases (Web of Science и Scopus)

Taking into account the requirements of international citation bases, references are included in the English-language article block and therefore the authors of the articles should provide references in two versions: one in the original language (Russian-language sources in Cyrillic), and a separate block of the same References in the Roman alphabet for international databases with all the repeated Russian literature sources. Foreign sources are repeated in full.

Names of the authors and Russian names of sources are transliterated. Titles of articles, monographs, collections of articles, conferences with an indication after the output data, which are in figures, of the language (in Russian) are translated in English. Source name is in italics.

References in Latin can be prepared using the systems of free access transliteration (http://www.translit.ru) and Google translator. Manually transliteration is not allowed in order to avoid errors.


Technology of links preparation using an automatic transliteration system and a translator

On the website http://www.translit.ru you can use the program of transliteration of the text in Russian to the text in Latin.

1) Enter the program Translit.ru. In the window «options» we choose a system of transliteration BGN (Board of Geographic Names). We put in a special box full text of references except for a book or article name, in Russian and press the button "in transliteration".

2) We copy the transliteration in the list References that is being prepared.

3) We translate the title of the article using Google, monograph, collector, conferences, etc. in English, place it in the preparing list. Translation, of course, requires editing.

4) We combine descriptions in transliteration and translate, completing in accordance with the rules. It is necessary to reveal the place of publication (for example, Moscow) and, probably, to make minor technical amendments.

5) At the end of the link is indicated in parentheses (in Russian). Link is ready.

Examples of transliteration of Russian sources of literature for English-language article block:


Description of a Russian-language version of an article from the journal

Krasovskiy G.N., Yegorova N.A., Bykov I.I. Methodology of harmonizing hygienic standards for water substances, and its application to improving sanitary water legislation. Vestnik RAMN. 2006; 4: 32-6. (in Russian)

Description of a Russian-language book (monography, collection)

Pokrovskiy V.M., Korot'ko G.F., eds. Human Physiology. [Fiziologiya Cheloveka]. 3rd ed. Moscow: Meditsina; 2013. (in Russian)

Latyshev V.N. Tribology of Cutting. vol.1: Frictional Processes in Metal Cutting. Ivanovo: Ivanovо St. Univ.; 2009. (in Russian)

Description of conference material

Sukhareva O.Yu., Galitsina N.A., Shestakova M.V. Retrospective evaluation of the factors that predict the development of type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance. Fifth All-Russian Congress of Diabetes. [Pyatyy Vserossiyskiy diabetologicheskiy kongress]. Moscow; 2010: 123. (in Russian)

Usmanov T.S., Gusmanov A.A., Mullagalin I.Z., Muhametshina R.Ju., Chervyakova A.N., Sveshnikov A.V. Features of the design of field development with the use of hydraulic fracturing. In: New Energy Saving Subsoil Technologies and the Increasing of the Oil and Gas Impact: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium. Moscow; 2007: 267-72. (in Russian)

Internet resource description

APA Style (2011). Available at: http://www.apastyle.org/apa-style-help.aspx (accessed 5 February 2011).

Patent description

Palkin M.V. The Way to Orient on the Roll of Aircraft with Optical Homing Head. Patent RF N 2280590,; 2006. (in Russian)


Completeness of a manuscript

Cover letter.


Title page.

Summary and keywords.



References for international citation bases.

Pictures and photographs captions.

Figures, tables, diagrams.

List of abbreviations.

Information about the authors.

Information about the conflict of interest / financing.



Reviewing and editing

  1. All of the articles received by the editorial board are independently reviewed. If the review contains a reference to the need to correct the article, it is sent to the author for revision.
  2. The article forwarded to the author for revision must be returned in revised form in a short time. Reviewing of the revised article is possible.
  3. The article, requiring revision after reviewing, is withdrawn if it is not returned by the authors for more than 6 months.
  4. The editorial board reserves the right to make editorial changes to the manuscript without distorting its meaning (literary and technology editing).



Please, send materials to the editorial staff of the journal at the address below and by e-mail:

29 Sibirskiy Tract, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420029

Tatarstan Cancer Center, building «И», cab. 1-08

Editorial staff of the journal «Oncology bulletin of the Volga Region»

To Burmistrov Mikhail Vladimirovich

Tel. +7-917-869-53-07

e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. To Burmistrov M.V., Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


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