Онкология Karpenko Luiza Gainutdinovna (25.08.1962)

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Karpenko Luiza Gainutdinovna (25.08.1962)

Graduated from Kazan State Medical Institute named after S.V. Kurashov, Therapy Faculty (1985)

Internship in anesthesiology – resuscitation (1985-1986)

Internship in oncology (1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010)

Organization of health care and public health (1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011)

Deputy Chief Doctor of Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary since 1990

Length of general experience - 31 years, pedagogical experience - 5 years, scientific experience - 15 years.

Associate Professor of the Department of Oncology and Surgery of Kazan State Medical Academy.

The degree of PhD (Medicine) has been conferred in June 1999. 

PhD thesis on the topic “Features of forming oncologic pathology in the Tatarstan Republic population under certain environmental factors”, defended in 1999.

Honored Doctor of Tatarstan Republic (2001)

Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation (2006)

Award of the Tatarstan Republic Government (1997)

Award of the Russian Federation Government (2009)

The main spheres of the current scientific-practical activity: chemo-hormonotherapy of malignant neoplasms, clinical nutrition, concomitant therapy of malignant neoplasms, anemia in oncological patients, diagnostics and treatment of sarcomata.

Lecturer of the Department of Oncology and Surgery.

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The prospects of further scientific-practical activity are connected with Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary and Kazan State Medical Academy of the Ministry of Healthcare of Tatarstan Republic. 


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