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Afanasyeva Zinaida Aleksandrovna (03.12.1956)

Graduated from Kazan State Medical Institute named after S.V. Kurashov, Therapy Faculty (1980). 


Internship in surgery (1980-1981) 

Residency in oncology (1985-1987) 

Major in endocrinology (1997) 

Main place of work: Kazan State Medical Academy, Professor of the Department of Oncology and Surgery. 

Part-time job: Head of the Center for diagnostics and treatment of patients with cancer of thyroid gland and other endocrine organs. 

Length of general experience - 34 years, pedagogical experience – 12 years, scientific experience – 14 years.

Doctor of Medicine. 

In 2000 defended a PhD thesis “Complex diagnostics of thyroid gland cancer”.

The doctoral thesis “Complex diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with thyroid gland cancer” was defended in 2006. 

Awarded with Letter of commendation of the Ministry of Healthcare of TASSR (1984) 

Medal “Kazan Millennium” (2005)

Letter of commendation of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation (2006) 

The main spheres of practical activity: oncology, endocrinology, psychology. 

Afanasyeva Z.A. supervised two PhD theses. The first one is a PhD (Psychology) thesis “Psychological correction of personality features of patients with thyroid gland cancer during rehabilitation” by Fedorenko Marina Vladimirovna. The second one is a PhD (Medicine) thesis “Diagnostics of primary-multiple malignant tumors with lesions of thyroid gland” by Bakunin Sergey Fedorovich. 

Current scientific-practical activity – “Thyroid gland cancer in adults and children”, “Neuro-endocrine tumors of adrenal glands”, “Lymphomas of endocrine glands and hormone-dependent organs”, “Skin melanoma”, “Screening of colon cancer”, “Psychological rehabilitation of oncological patients after radical treatment”.

Kgma.info, оncort.ru, oncoprofi.ru  

The prospects of scientific-practical activity are onco-endocrinology, psycho-oncology.


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