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Gantsev Shamil Hanafievich, 1951.

Graduated from Bashkir State Medical Institute in 1974.

Majors:  clinical residency in surgery in 1976, advanced qualification category in specialty “Oncology”.

Main place of work: chief of the department of oncology with courses of oncology and pathology of Institute of additional professional education of Bashkir State Medical University. Length of work experience - 42 years, length of pedagogical and scientific experiences – 38 years.

Doctor of Medicine, Professor from 1991.  In 1989 received MD, the MD thesis named “Improving of diagnostics and treatment of combined surgical diseases”.

For the last 5 years wrote 24 HAC publications, 6 publications in Scopus, 8 monographs and 11 patents.

Hirsch Index – 10 in Russian Index of science citation and 2 in Scopus Index of science citation.

The number of students received PhD in Medicine- more than 100, the number of students received MD - 17.

Awarded with orders of honor, “Labore et Scientia – for work and knowledge”, medals “Professional of the Russian Federation”, “For merits in development of medicine and Health Service”, “For courage and humanism”, Diploma of the Russian Fund of palliative care “For the creation a scientific school”, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan. 

The main spheres of the current practical and scientific activities are:

  • Improving theory of cancer metastasis, development of peritoneal carcinomatosis, the roles of sentinel lymph node for cancer based on depth study of local lymph micro-circulation questions, neo-lymphogenesis, microanatomical features of organs structure.
  • Cancer prevention improving by creation and introduction of screening programs based on cloud technologies, early ELISA-diagnostics methods, organization of anti-tobacco and other activities.
  • Improving of surgical (multiorgan, organ-saving operations) and biotherapeutic methods of treatment of breast, colon, gastric cancer and carcinomatosis.
  • Development and testing of new antineoplastic drugs, improving of drug form based on nanotechnologies. Increasing of bioavailability of pharmacological drugs for cancer due to improvement of ways and methods of drug delivery.

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