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Scientific-practical Journal for general practitioners and researchers


About the Journal

Oncology Bulletin of the Volga region is a reviewed specialized scientific-practical journal for general practitioners and researchers.

The journal is issued since 2010. The founders are Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary of the Ministry of Healthcare of Tatarstan Republic and the Association of Cancer Care Facilities of the Volga Federal District.

The main objective of the journal is to inform the medical community about the latest achievements in the theory and practice of modern oncology.

Decision of the Presidium of HAC journal «Oncology Bulletin of the Volga Region» 29.12.15 included in the new edition of the List of Russian reviewed scientific journals, which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences (Letter of the Ministry of Education of Russia №13-6518 from 01.12.2015).

The serial number of journal in the List ― 1651.


The main themes of the journal are:

  • early diagnostics of oncology diseases;
  • clinical and practical oncology;
  • prevention and treatment of complications in oncology.


The journal contains the following sections:

1. Organization of oncology aid.

2. Clinical research and experience in oncology: diagnostics, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy.

3. New technologies in oncology.

4. Reviews of literature.

5. Discussions.

6. History of oncology.

7. Issues of specialists’ training.

The authors are leading researchers, young specialists and practitioners of medical institutions of Russia and the near abroad.

The journal is issued 4 times a year in 3000 full-color copies.


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